For over twenty years, many dear friends and staff in Romania have impacted the lives of children with the love of Jesus. Two people who worked with us from the start are George and Alina Galea. They are the current directors in the Gypsy Ministry.  Their vibrancy and love for the Gypsy people is as huge as their vision to help these precious people. Fundatia Caleb/Caleb Foundation is the Romanian organization founded by Kids in Crisis International in 2001 to enable them to operate as a charitable ministry in Romania. Today the school and ministry continues to thrive. The light of the gospel has been transformative! God has done more than we could have ever imagined in the lives of the Gypsy people and the ministry is now impacting the second generation of children.

Past Achievements:

  • Kids in Crisis provided food, warm boots and coats/clothes along with pastoral care, medical and dental services via short and long term mission trips in the earlier years.
  • The organization bought land and funded the building of Caleb School to initiate education among the Roma/Gypsy people. Primary School was integrated into the Romanian School System in 2012, but the Kindergarten class continues to function to this day. 

Current Projects (in conjunction with Caleb Foundation):

  • Kindergarten class for the gypsy kids to learn the Romanian language before assimilating into the Romanian School System in Primary Schools. A meal is also provided each school day.
  • After School classes for the Primary and Secondary school-age gypsy kids to help them with their education and comprehension of their classes in the Romanian School System.
  • Summer Camp Program enables the gypsy children to have five days to just be kids away from the poverty they live in.  We provide clean clothes, meals, lodging, singing, bible lessons and fun for each older school age child.
  • Dignity Program provides school-age females who have their menstrual cycle with a pack of sanitary product each month.
  • Sewing and Embroidery Room provides the Roma/Gypsy women a trade skill in sewing and embroidery.
  • House Insulation Project aims at helping each family insulate and fix their homes to make it more livable during the winter months.

Current Needs and Prayer Points:

  • Need for an Administrator to help within the Organization.  This additional person will help with administrative ministry activities as they continue to grow their program.
  • Need for Short Term Missions Team Coordinator to help with organizing teams that visit.
  • Need for sponsorships of teachers for the After School and Kindergarten Programs.
  • Need for sponsorships for salaries of Local Gyspy Pastor and the Sewing Room Coordinator.
  • Long-term Plans: Duplicate what they are doing in other Roma/Gypsy villages where no other ministries are currently working.

Things You Can Do

  • Prayer support for the above needs.  
  • Tax deductible donations to meet the critical needs listed above both of which would be greatly appreciated.
  • Purchase the sewing and embroidery items the women make in the Sewing Room. All merchandise sold is income for the ladies in the Sewing Room. 
  • By appointment, groups are welcome to visit with short-term missions teams to help with building construction, agricultural knowledge/training, medical and dental clinics, children’s program/activities, sewing training, sports activities, woodworking training, pastoral/evangelistic ministry, etc.