Our Vision

It is our joy and privilege to bring the light of the gospel and the love of Jesus to children living in poverty. Children who have little or no education or health care and where they are often forced to survive day to day. We are targeting two areas where God has opened doors for us, Gypsy communities in Romania and an area in the newly established nation of South Sudan.

We consider relationships with the local people and local officials in these areas to be vital to establishing God’s work in their communities. When those relationships are established we move ahead with starting a school and community outreach center.

We ensure that the children receive a Christ centered education. They also receive a meal each day, which in many cases is a child’s only meal. We also provide necessities such as shoes, clothing, medical and dental care to the children along with lots of smiles and hugs.

It is not enough to provide for the physical needs of impoverished children and families. We understand that lasting change comes from people being transformed by the love of God and growing in the understanding of His word and His character. We endeavor to create a place of refuge and hope in the midst of hopelessness and to see the lives of children changed forever by God’s love.